UK: Reported sex offences tripled in 10 years

Andy Connolly, from Survivors UK, said victims were beginning to feel they would be believed but there was still a “massive wall of silence”.

A 2015 survey estimated about 96% of offences against males go unreported.

Mr Connolly, chief executive of male rape and sexual abuse charity Survivors UK, said: “We do know of men who come forward and they just meet comments like ‘men can’t get raped, they can’t be sexually abused’ and are treated with disbelief that it is even a thing that happens to men.”

The figures, given to the BBC after a request, show that reports of sexual assaults against males went from 2,687 to 7,610 (+183%) and rape reports rose from 1,132 to 4,520 (+299%) between 2006-07 and 2016-17.

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