Tips To Avoid Becoming A Lonely Old Man

Why are men suffering more from loneliness? Simply put, women are better at aging than men. They are more likely to go to the doctor if they are ill and often enjoy cooking and socializing more than men do. They will chatter about problems or engage with others and are good at looking after themselves. Men are also less likely to get involved in preventive health-based activities and use less community health-based services. Men are less likely to talk about their feelings and this in turn exacerbates the feeling of isolation.

The findings also reveal that because many men rely on their wives for social contact they encounter a greater chance of suffering from loneliness and depression than women do when they are bereaved.

I have long been championing the case that men facing retirement or indeed those over the age of 50 need to take time out for themselves, grow social networks and get involved in hobbies or activities that get them out of the house. It is not just important for their own mental and physical health but is essential for a better older life and to prevent the concerns raised in this report.

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