These were choices that Mr Livingstone made, to murder his children’t-accept-findings

Ms Stevens said Ms Webb did not make a rape complaint against Mr Livingstone because her priority was to protect her children.

However, he admitted the rape to others and police should have interviewed him about it, and could have charged him without Ms Webb having to lay the complaint, she said.

“… she didn’t want to make a complaint of rape but that has to be held up against the fact that this is a woman who had been subjected to psychological abuse for a prolonged period of time – years – and so had entered into an arrangement of appeasement, doing whatever it was that would keep the peace, would keep things safe for the children, and her priority at this time was to get the children away and to get away from Mr Livingstone, so the rape, although awful, to Katharine at that time was actually one of the least of her problems.”

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