‘The King’ Who Who Wants to Give Men a Bad Name


Controversial “neomasculinist” group Return of Kings has cancelled gatherings planned in more than 40 countries, including New Zealand.

The “meetups” planned for Saturday were cancelled because the safety and privacy of men who wanted to attend could not be guaranteed, group creator Roosh Valizadeh said on Thursday.

Valizadeh, who advocates for legalising rape on private property and supported the Roast Busters group in the past, had set up the meetings for like-minded men across the globe.

He had already been forced to take some of the gatherings “underground”, saying that in order to save the group’s “most threatened meetups”, men in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Iceland and United Kingdom needed to come up with alternate meeting locations.


Roosh was born in the United States in 1979. His parents were immigrants from Armenia and Iran.[12] Roosh graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2001[13] with a degree in microbiology.[14] He began blogging about his attempts at having sex with women[5] but once his internet anonymity was broken, he turned to blogging and writing full-time as a means to supporting himself,[15] first with the publication of Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays (2007) and then with sex-themed travel guides on the countries he visited.[5]

His ideas have been described as “red pill” (a reference to the movie The Matrix), and as based on “politically incorrect realism”.[5] In a Washington Times Communities interview, he states that feminism has left a legacy of weaker men who are more androgynous. He went on to say that women abstain from having sex with them in preference for “bad boys”.[16]

Roosh advocates adherence to traditional heteronormative roles for men and is against female promiscuity. He says that his rhetoric does not call for violence or hate against women, feminists, or any other group.[17] Roosh encourages men to improve themselves, especially in physique and style, and become more masculine in order to be more attractive to women.[18] In addition, he states that men and women are physically and mentally very different and that much of women’s value comes from their fertility and beauty.[19]

While Roosh has been called a “men’s rights activist” by The Daily Beast,[20] Daily Mail,[21] Salon,[22] S. E. Smith,[23] and others, he does not consider himself one, and has called such activists “sexual losers”.[24]

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