Why are our men killing others and themselves? I have some ideas from my eight years as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counsellor. The famous New Zealand rugby player and All Black, Sir John Kirwan, had a strong association with Lifeline, and I was working the phones when his depression/LifelineContinue Reading The Law Commission yesterday released its proposals for improving the way in which New Zealand deals with sexual violence. The 252-page report titled The justice response to victims of sexual violence: criminal trials and alternatives processes proposes two key changes: • The piloting of a specialist sexual violence court.Continue Reading In an effort to boost the global fight against the horrors faced by women and girls in zones of conflict worldwide, the United Nations General Assembly today approved by consensus a new resolution to commemorate 19 June as the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict.Continue Reading

Driver’s licence testers are being bashed, threatened, and even held captive by people they’ve failed – and some are fed up with the abuse. Documents obtained under the Official Information Act show testers reported physical and verbal abuse at record levels last year, with some expressing serious concerns about theirContinue Reading

News while you slept: #MH17 ‘death train’ departs; more Gaza strikes; new Facebook feature — News (@NZStuff) July 21, 2014 Pro-Russian rebels have allowed bodies from the Malaysia Airlines plane crash to be taken to the city of Kharkiv. Malaysia’s PM said the separatists had also agreedContinue Reading