The 2005 tape of Donald Trump bragging that his celebrity status allowed him to grope women with abandon has sent the Republican party reeling. But on Sunday night, the top spokespeople for the GOP and the Trump campaign had recovered their wits long enough to dispute whether Trump wasContinue Reading My assault began when this boy “grabbed me by the pussy.” It isn’t up for debate: What Trump describes is sexual assault. Those are the exact words used by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in a 2005 recording released by the Washington Post on Friday. In the tape, TrumpContinue Reading Facing a question from an audience member on military sexual assault, Trump stood by a tweet from 2013, in which he suggested the epidemic was a consequence of allowing women to serve in the military. “26,000 unreported sexual assaults [sic] in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniusesContinue Reading His half-baked proposal on maternity leave only applies to women who have given birth. This proposal, like his whole campaign, leaves out an entire swath of people in America who don’t fit his narrow version of what makes a family. It doesn’t respect the needs of fathers, or adoptiveContinue Reading

Donald Trump Is Standing by His Comments on Sexual Assault in … Understanding how military culture might encourage sexual violence, and advocating for change there, is critical to curbing the occurrence of assaults.Continue Reading In fairness, Priebus’s reasoning is motivated — it’s not like he wouldn’t have tweeted something critical of his party’s opponent. At the same time, he was just voicing a criticism that plenty of people (mostly men) have had of Clinton for her entire presidential campaign, and her entire politicalContinue Reading