Fortunately, the majority of kids who experience traumatic events bounce back from them in a period of weeks or months, according to the American Psychological Association. That’s particularly true for children whose trauma consists of a single incident. What is key is that kids to get the support theyContinue Reading The team separated studies by type of control group: trauma-exposed (those who had experienced trauma but did not have a diagnosis of PTSD) and trauma-naïve (those who had not experienced trauma), and compared the individuals with PTSD to both groups. This yielded an insight into how the abnormalities inContinue Reading Dr. Leonard explains that traumatic memories stay fragmented because of the psychological state in a moment of panic. Those memories cannot be stored in long-term memory until there’s a cohesive “narrative” of what happened. Leonard says talking to a therapist or addressing the situation calmly and emphatically can helpContinue Reading Police have arrested a man following the death of a toddler in South Taranaki at the weekend. Emergency services were called to a Hawera address about 11pm on Friday. Ambulance and police attended but were not able to revive the two-year-old girl. Detective Senior Sergeant Brent Matuku said theContinue Reading

Denial is a psychological way of coping – find out how denial is a part of trauma and dissociative disorders… — TraumaDissociation (@TraumaDID) September 27, 2014 Denial is common in Dissociative Identity Disorder, and exists in any disorder caused by trauma. Denial is a psychological defense mechanism,[1]:24 it playsContinue Reading Psychological trauma is the key making up what is known as the dissociative disorders and the trauma-stressor disorders in the DSM-5. Nowhere has information been selected and presented as it is here. The project has pride in offering only the most recent information and facts and theory as presentedContinue Reading