“What I’m leading to here is the fact that I would have been all right in life if it hadn’t been for the sexual abuse committed against me, and rejections by the system, so how can you, Mr Turnbull, judge me as not being eligible for compensation on theContinue Reading When Marti was 18 years old, she attended a frat party. Most of the attendees were drinking alcohol at the party, as although they were underage they probably used a fake ID maker to allow them to purchase it. Everyone was having a good time, Marti included. Unfortunately, herContinue Reading

Mountain road Two more courageous young women have given up their right to name suppression and anonymity in order to help other survivors of sexual violence share their experiences, and break down the stigma that still accompanies so many people’s experience of violence. As people working in an agency for survivorsContinue Reading “Talking about it gets power over those who abuse and spreads more knowledge,” Williams said. Williams has counselled people with sensitive issues for 17 years and said many people 65 or older did not know how to access help, so the ACC figures were unlikely to represent the reality.Continue Reading

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Waikato (MSSAT Waikato) is a survivor-focused and led Charitable Trust. Sexual Abuse of children in New Zealand is prevalent; this abuse is committed on both our girl and boy children. The impacts for both males and females may become serious and lifelong; negatively affectingContinue Reading