Nightmares and flashbacks are very common in PTSD sufferers. Nightmares can cause frequent arousals, which reduce sleep quality. They can also make it more difficult to get to sleep, and contribute to a general sense of anxiety about sleep itself. In one clinical trial, more than 70 percent of veterans inContinue Reading

The finding of elevated risk among respondents who reported frequent experiences of child abuse is consistent with previous theorizing on the especially deleterious effects of chronic stress. Scholars have posited that although humans’ stress response system is well suited to handle acute stressors, chronic activation of the stress response systemContinue Reading

A new study shows that worse sleep quality predicts lower physical activity in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Results show that PTSD was independently associated with worse sleep quality at baseline, and participants with current PTSD at baseline had lower physical activity one year later. Further analysis found thatContinue Reading