27 of Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Accusers Will Tell Their Story on NBC’s ‘Dateline’ by Morgan Murrell Oct 8, 2015 08:30 AM EDTShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 26: Comedian/actor Bill Cosby performs at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on September 26, 2014 in LasContinue Reading “More than 53% children in India have faced sexual abuse,” said Bombay High Court Chief Justice Mohit S Shah. Feelings of fear and unease are compounded by parents are relatives who blame young survivors of abuse or guardians who cannot or will not take action against abusers. In aContinue Reading

Men Are Raped Almost as Often as Women in America. We Need to Talk About This. via @slate — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) September 15, 2015 Last year the National Crime Victimization Survey turned up a remarkable statistic. In asking 40,000 households about rape and sexual violence, the survey uncovered thatContinue Reading Trauma for victims of sexual assault is individual and unpredictable, the symptoms appearing in pulses over the years. Directly after an attack, there is often shock and visceral fear. Particularly when a victim knows the rapist, there can be guilt and self-doubt. Another layer to contend with is theContinue Reading In response to Smith’s statement, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Gina Iosim, who is handling the case, said the following in a statement: “All too often victims of sexual abuse are demonized by their abusers. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for a victim, especially a juvenile victim, toContinue Reading While the assault was under way the voices of Kerr, Roper and Olsen could be heard encouraging Sims. The victim is heard apologising, crying, and saying she did not want to fight. “While all this was happening these three laughed,” Manning said. Throughout all this the woman was unlawfullyContinue Reading