Common mechanisms which help to maintain our relationships are “partner-enhancement” and “positive illusions.” Both terms refer to the fact that we tend to see our romantic partners positively, sometimes unrealistically so (Morry et al., 2010; Conley et al., 2009). In both gay and lesbian as well as heterosexual couples,Continue Reading

Are you ready to talk about relationships? Alexandra Redcay is the executive director to Serise, Inc. She can be found at Alexandra has over 18 years of direct practice, management, and training experience working in mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, juvenile justice, and education systems. She is anContinue Reading

7 ways relationships affect your personal happiness (according to science) — HuffPost Living (@HealthyLiving) August 31, 2015 Romantic relationships have a greater influence on life satisfaction than work. This is very telling: We may regard relationships more highly than success at work, according to 2013 research from theContinue Reading