A proposed register for child sex offenders could increase their chances of re-offending by isolating them from society, organisations with concerns about the plans say. The Government has developed plans for the register to reduce the risk posed by serious child sex offenders, by providing government agencies with theContinue Reading–lawyer A child sex offenders register could be in place by next year – but the Government’s lawyer says it breaks human rights laws. Social development minister Anne Tolley introduced legislation on Thursday afternoon to establish a database of all sex offenders aged 18 or over. But Attorney-General Chris FinlaysonContinue Reading Sexual Abuse Support and Healing Nelson service co-ordinator Sarah-Jane Macmillan said a “cautious approach” should be taken when revealing sensitive information on social media. She said, in her experience as a sexual abuse counsellor, the information could be “damaging” to victims who see it online. “We need to findContinue Reading News Child-sex offender register gets OK 05:23 – 4 Aug 14 Bryan Sent from my Windows Phone The Government is pushing ahead with a child-sex offender register, which could eventually be expanded to include other sexual offenders. Police and Corrections Minister Anne Tolley has confirmed ministersContinue Reading