Dove have come under fire for releasing an advert on Facebook featuring a black woman turning into a white woman after supposedly using the beauty brand’s body lotion. Critics were quick to accuse the brand of aligning use of their body cleansing product with a racial transformation, which inadvertentlyContinue Reading When you hear of the horrifying racist abuse that some people can suffer in New Zealand, it’s great to see a government organisation doing something about it. However, even the campaign itself tells us something about the racial structure of our society. In one ad we see quite aContinue Reading Online lodging broker Airbnb has removed multiple listings from an Auckland-based host who refused to rent to Māori and Pasifika people. A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, spotted the four-bedroom Flat Bush home on the site last week while looking for accommodation for family coming over from SouthContinue Reading The main exit poll in Wednesday’s Dutch general election show far-right, anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders losing rather badly to Prime Minister Mark Rutte. According to the Associated Press, the polling suggests Rutte’s center-right party has 31 of the 150 lower-house seats, with Wilders’ populist Party for Freedom gaining veryContinue Reading

Iraqis who spent years helping the U.S. among the first detained under Trump's ban — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) January 28, 2017 NEW YORK ― Iraqi and Afghan refugees who devoted years of their lives to helping the U.S. war efforts were detained Friday night at U.S. airports dueContinue Reading But the election of Bannon’s man Donald Trump as president of the United States has made the globalization of Breitbart and its message infinitely more plausible than it ever was before, and politicians once considered Europe’s deplorables are now rushing to bask in the gilded glow of Trump andContinue Reading,-lecturer-says A Massey University lecturer wants to change the name of his workplace after discovering the prime minister it was named after made racist statements. In the course of researching his doctorate, Steven Elers says he found white-supremacist statements attributed to the country’s second-longest-serving prime minister. William Ferguson Massey diedContinue Reading–our-law-is-not-colourblind? A Stuff Circuit investigation has delved into 10 years’ worth of data, examining arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentencing records and spoken to a broad range of people confronting the problem. Problem? Undeniably, yes. There is no doubt that, from whichever angle you look at it, there is a seriousContinue Reading

Simple test tells you if you’re racist Even when the applicant is not there in person, discrimination can happen. A 2011 study into discrimination quotes a woman from Sydney who was called Ragda Ali. “After completing TAFE in 2005 I applied for many junior positions where no experience inContinue Reading