And if you’re wondering whether this is something controversial in the scientific community, the statement goes on to say that the fact that there are no completely separate races is supported by decades of research, including six recent studies like the 2017 paper from the Center for Research on Genomics and GlobalContinue Reading An advertisement for a Maori unit teacher at a Nelson school seeking “strong behavioural management skills” has been labelled racist by some parents. They say the ad’s language reflects institutional racism ingrained in New Zealand. The head of the school involved, Nelson Intermediate, says the wording was “ill judged”. The vacancy was for a teacher at theContinue Reading

A US academic has caused controversy online after labelling the Disney classic Mary Poppins racist. Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner wrote a piece to the New York Times claiming the nanny Mary Poppins, played by Julie Andrews, “shamefully flirts with blackface” in the scene where she dances with Dick Van Dyke’s Bert on the rooftop toContinue Reading

The rigorously executed story is now being used as the basis of an academic paper by a prominent Oxford University sociologist. The series pointed to a number of shocking data sets that showed ethnic minorities were at a disadvantage in driving tests, in the job market, and in elections. TheContinue Reading The Chinese model featured in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign accused of racism has said the controversy almost ruined her career. Three videos, released in November, showed Zuo Ye struggling to eat Italian food including cannoli and pizza with chopsticks. Widely seen as offensive it led to aContinue Reading In spite of the image we like to portray to the world, New Zealand is as racist as the South of the United States ever was. Perhaps not as violent as Alabama of the 1960s but, beneath a very thin veneer of civilisation, we denigrate those who are differentContinue Reading Several people from Miller’s life have recently expressed far more substantial concerns about him than his former teacher, decrying his anti-immigrant and nativist policies in particular. As one of the youngest and arguably most influential advisers to President Donald Trump, Miller is behind some of the administration’s most notoriousContinue Reading–identity-politics-for-white-people The New Zealand Values Bill would do no more than what’s already happening in other parts of the Western world. Respecting “gender equality”? Great. Adhering to “religious freedom”? Sounds good. Promising not to “campaign against alcohol consumption”? I’m in. But in other ways, the bill is unusual, if notContinue Reading A McDonald’s worker is furious and saddened after management told her she couldn’t speak te reo Māori to customers. Hamilton woman Janine Eru-Taueki was informed last Thursday by her manager of the stance, saying the store had received complaints from customers and other staff members and explained speaking teContinue Reading Even more problematic than the abstractions is the unwillingness of some people to even use the term “racism”. Academics who claim, for example, that it’s “unhelpful” in discussions about, say, the biases within the criminal justice system, run the risk of closing off debate in the same way thatContinue Reading