Some of the so-called “mentally ill” are just making excuses for their weakness or failure. These people need to stop whining, get up off the couch and go find a job. Anyone who claims mental health conditions are the bogus rationalizations of the chronic underachiever is talking out ofContinue Reading Mental illness is destructive, but thankfully it is still not all that common. According to a recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health, 18.6 percent of American adults (43.7 million people) will suffer from some form of mental illness in any given year. Among the adolescent ageContinue Reading Myth #1 – Boys and men can’t be victims. This myth, instilled through masculine gender socialization and sometimes referred to as the “macho image,” declares that males, even young boys, are not supposed to be victims or even vulnerable. We learn very early that males should be able toContinue Reading 6. Once you’ve said yes, you can’t say no. Sex isn’t an unbreakable contract; it’s a pleasurable, often recreational act entered into by two people. Think about it like any other recreational activity, an idea that writer Thomas MacAuley Millar calls a “performance model” of sexual consent: Just becauseContinue Reading

Lack of knowledge about child abuse has led to a number of misconceptions. Some of these are: Myth: It is only abuse if it is violent. Reality: Child abuse does not necessarily involve violence or anger. Abuse often involves adults exploiting their power over children, and using children as objectsContinue Reading