Major differences between women and men who commit deadly violence — (@PsyPost) November 29, 2016 The researchers were able to see several differences between men and women who committed deadly violence. “There were more pronounced differences between male and female perpetrators with adult victims compared with when theContinue Reading So when I see men play the victim card, I’m amazed. It’s like bankers whining about not earning enough or buy-to-let landlords carping about the removal of tax relief. If you’re in a privileged position and you start moaning about how hard you have it, you look like aContinue Reading Why are our men killing others and themselves? I have some ideas from my eight years as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counsellor. The famous New Zealand rugby player and All Black, Sir John Kirwan, had a strong association with Lifeline, and I was working the phones when his depression/LifelineContinue Reading Which brings us to the heart of the puzzle. When men attempt suicide, they tend to use methods that ensure death — either with firearms or by suffocation (including hanging). Women, on the other hand, often try to poison themselves. In 2010, 77 percent of suicides among men agedContinue Reading Feeling friendless is common among men, research by the Movember Foundation has found. Stoicism and isolation make lonely mates of too many men. New research by the Movember Foundation reveals that a devastating number of men feel friendless. The survey found that more than two and a half millionContinue Reading In Australia there have been 1132 recorded shark attacks since 1941. Of those, 968 involved men and only 64 involved women (there were also 100 attacks without a victim’s gender recorded). For every 100 shark attacks, a little over six will involve women, according to data from the globalContinue Reading