2. It Doesn’t Have to Take More than a Few Minutes There are no hard rules that your meditation session has to take 30 minutes. Who says you can’t be present and meditate when you have a few spare moments to yourself? While a daily formal practice is preferable,Continue Reading

Indian police chief pushes yoga and meditation to strengthen arm of the law — The Guardian (@guardian) November 8, 2014 District commissioner Hasmukh Patel is so convinced of the benefits he has introduced the option for his staff to take the time to train in the art withContinue Reading

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From the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre Free Guided Meditations For an introduction to mindfulness meditation that you can practice on your own, turn on your speakers and click on the  “play” or “download” links. Podcasts are also available on iTunes U. If you are new to meditation, start withContinue Reading

About Aikido About Aikido Interested in Learning Aikido? Aikido is a non-aggressive and non-competitive Japanese martial art. In an Aikido class you can learn techniques in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. You will develop self confidence improved balance and coordination while improving your fitness at your own pace. Aikido isContinue Reading