Individuals living with mental illness are less likely to be violent than someone without a mental illness. Sadly, they also are more likely to be victims of violence. Regardless, there is no evidence that the US is a run-away hotbed of mental illness. Indeed, according to Kessler et al.Continue Reading About 83 percent of the kids in the study found the gun, and most of them played with it. Of the kids who found it, 27 percent immediately gave it to the experimenter and the experimenter took it out of the room. Of the remaining 58 percent of kidsContinue Reading

Guns kill more Americans than terrorists do A @WIRED infographic from October — WIRED (@WIRED) December 2, 2015 Let’s look at guns first. Firearms killed more than 346,681 people between 2003 and 2013, the last year for which numbers were available from the Centers for Disease Control andContinue Reading