Aaron Gilmore was not even a teenager when he was sexually abused by a family friend he regarded as a second mother. But when he reported it to police years later they told him they couldn’t see what crime had taken place. He never reported that abuse or namedContinue Reading

This is how long it’s actually safe to keep and eat foods left in your fridge: — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) December 30, 2016 Clean, cook, chill Following the 3 Cs can help keep you safe from bugs in food and reduce the chances of food poisoning. Clean GoodContinue Reading

Busting the myths about #OCD with the SANE Help Centre. #mentalhealth #mentalillness #Mythbuster — SANE Australia (@SANEAustralia) February 22, 2017 While obsessions and compulsions about orderliness and cleanliness are common in OCD, there are many other ways people can experience OCD, and the reason is more consequential than justContinue Reading

1 in 4 Kiwi kids live in hardship. This National Children’s Day #SupportAKiwiKid for 50c a day #TreasureOurChildren — KidsCanNZ (@KidsCanNZ) February 27, 2017 What your support means for a child in need: Equality means having the same status, rights and opportunities as everyone else. Sadly in New ZealandContinue Reading At his home, police found images of a young boy being sexually abused by an adult male. Both of their faces had been cropped out but the boy had a distinctive henna tattoo on his chest and a mole on his tummy. It wasn’t until the Argos team obtainedContinue Reading Clearwater told the audience how being abused fuelled his rage as a young man. As a teenager Clearwater was expelled from his school in Christchurch after beating up a teacher and school prefect. He was later arrested for assaulting a police officer. He lost his job at a meatContinue Reading