Marica’s experience along with her voice to share her story inspired her and created a platform for her to reach, motivate & advocate for others. This platform has a name, called ‘Battered Not Broken, Inc.; it is 501(c)(3) organization providing education, crisis support, empowerment, and resources for individuals currently inContinue Reading

77% of those in prisons have been victims of family or sexual violence, @actionstation's @laura_oc_rapira told us. Here are excerpts of our discussion with her & Justice Minister @AndrewLittleMP on prison reform. — Morning Report (@NZMorningReport) August 23, 2018Continue Reading He threatened to strangle her, stalked her, broke into her home, would text death threats to her, shoved furniture into her, dragged her through the house and spat on her. The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told 1 NEWS she finally wanted to speak out. “There wasContinue Reading The Family Violence Death Review Committee found in their 2014 report that in the 10 out of 15 cases that year where women were the offenders, it was in response (or suspected to be in response) to a long history of family violence. Right now, whenever a woman killsContinue Reading