A man’s stash of child sex abuse images was only discovered when police arrested him for drug-affected driving. Tristan Abraham, 30, was jailed in May for dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving while under the influence of drugs, but it wasn’t until later that police uncovered his fixationContinue Reading Parliament last week passed the law allowing convictions for offences committed before homosexuality was legalised in 1986 to be expunged. It’s believed more than 1000 gay men were convicted and shamed before the Homosexual Reform Act was passed. “They key element of the application process is showing that conductContinue Reading In a recently released decision the Appeal Court dismissed Ross’s appeal, saying the victims’ accounts of Ross’s offending were “unshaken under cross-examination” and the Crown’s case had been strong “notwithstanding the passage of time”. On Friday, Police’s Wellington district manager investigations, detective inspector Shane Cotter, said Police apologised toContinue Reading