Clinical psychologists Michael Bourke, PhD, and Andres Hernandez, PsyD, have been making waves in the psychology and law enforcement communities with the recent release of a paper suggesting that men charged with Internet child pornography offenses and those who commit hands-on child sex offenses are, in many cases, oneContinue Reading Dangerfield’s defence lawyer Julian Noud accepted the offending was serious but argued for a wholly suspended sentence given the delay of 55 years. He said there was “ample material” to prove rehabilitation and Dangerfield deserved credit for good character as a popular community leader and devoted husband. “He’s livedContinue Reading The complainant was referred to the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust and encouraged to take his complaint to the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand. In December 2015, the Education Council’s Complaints Assessment Committee lay a notice of charge against the teacher, although it did not find theContinue Reading

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Saville The Beast – Inside Story of the Greatest Scandal in TV History John McShane Published by John Blake Publishing The target audience of this blog is those who have experienced childhood sexual trauma and those who support those who do. Comment on books and other material is therefore focussedContinue Reading