Australian criminals link up in NZ Crimes already committed include sexual offending against a child and armed robbery, documents obtained by the Herald under the Official Information Act reveal. At least 1000 deportees from Australia are expected over five years after a hardline law change in late 2014 sawContinue Reading Prime Minister John Key has accused the Labour Party of supporting rapists, child molesters and murderers, sparking a mass walk-out of the party’s MPs amid angry scenes at Parliament. Key lashed out during Question Time, accusing Labour of taking the side of sex offenders by backing Kiwi detainees beingContinue Reading

Quarantined Australian nurse tests negative for #Ebola: #Australia — News (@NZStuff) October 9, 2014 Sue Ellen Kovack presented herself to the Cairns Hospital on Thursday afternoon after complaining of a fever. She had previously been in Sierra Leone treating Ebola victims in a hospital. In a statement,Continue Reading