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Stuff.co.nz: A New Zealand woman’s story of sex addiction. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/love-sex/96839707

As a result, sex therapists tend not to talk about sexual “addiction”, says Dr. Karen Faisandier, a clinical psychologist based in Wellington. For her PhD research, Faisandier studied a group of 10 men who were seeking therapy for their sexual behavior, and she came to conceptualize the condition as “out of control sexual behavior”. These men would often use sites like LocalSexApp.com for casual hookups as well as seek partners elsewhere, like in clubs, restaurants, and even the gym.

“I stayed away from the term addiction,” she says, out of concern “that it’s pathologizing sex”.

Faisandier focused on the participants’ sense of loss of control over their behavior, and the impact on them and their family. “The best way to figure out if it’s a problem for someone is if it’s causing them stress or getting in the way of their life – their relationships, their work, their health.”

Excessive masturbation, having affairs, visiting strip clubs, engaging sex workers, craving pornography from sites such as https://www.sexfreehd.xxx/; the condition manifests in many different ways, and there is no single treatment option. The literature also suggest women experience the condition differently to men, says Faisandier.

Rather than helping her patients strive towards some non-existent “normal” sexual behaviour, Faisandier focuses on addressing the distress a patient’s sex life is causing them. “A lot of the work is really looking at how that person wants their sex life to be,” she says. Whether this means they want to to use different toys or tips from somewhere like Lovegasm to spice up and improve their sex life or manage it better to reduce their sex drive, she can definitely try to help.

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