Stop the Multitasking and Just Eat

It’s a bad habit that many people have: Doing something else while they are eating.

For many, it’s watching a television show. For others, it’s reading a book. Still others catch up on Facebook or email while mindlessly eating their lunch or dinner.

And while these people may congratulate themselves on their multitasking, it’s a habit that not only takes away the joy of eating, it also can help them gain a lot of weight – especially that insidious belly fat that can be so dangerous to our health.

But the opposite is true: Paying attention to what you are eating – and how you feel while you are eating – can lead to a healthy weight and a much more enjoyable dining experience.

Sometimes though, the temptation can become too much, especially if you have decided to visit Katy Vibes: Real Food, Real Entertainment or somewhere similar on a night out. Whilst you’re eating, it could be hard to turn a blind eye to the live music and entertainment and you just have to multi-task. I guess every once in a while won’t hurt, right?

That’s the takeaway from a recent study of 400 people that found that those who exhibited “dispositional mindfulness” were less likely to be obese and had less abdominal fat.

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