Stop Self-Criticism

Keep calm — and take a walk.
After a bad meeting or presentation, it’s easy to slide down the slippery slope of self-bashing. When your head is spinning with “I should have done this or that” scenarios, you’re in no position to be making rational judgments about your performance.

Check your perfectionism at the door.
Say it with me now: “Hello, I’m human, and I make mistakes.” That’s reality.

As much as we would all love to be the perfect employee who bags every employee achievement award that ever existed, it’s simply not realistic. In fact, aiming for an impossibly high standard will only lead to disappointment.

Look outside yourself.
When we’re in a self-critical mode, we often turn inward. So, to constructively address your shortcomings, it can help to shift your focus outward and engage with others.

Leverage workplace Jedi mind tricks.
After disarming negative self-talk and putting your weaknesses into perspective, it’s time to take action on your personal critique. Using triggers is a great way to stay on track with making improvement, without relying on willpower (which comes in limited quantities!) or beating yourself up.

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