Steps my fellow introverts can take before the Xmas frenzy

Take a look at @HealthyLiving’s Tweet:

1. Learn your energy limits.

The best way to learn about your energy limits is to track it. Create a spreadsheet. In separate columns note the current time, the activity you just completed, and your mental energy level (on a scale of 1 to 10). Set a timer to go off once an hour to remind you to make note of your activities and energy. After a week, take a look at your tracker. Do you see any patterns? For instance, maybe you’ll notice that you can do two meetings in one day without any changes to your energy level, but on days with three meetings your mental energy level typically tanks and stays down for the next two days. Or perhaps you’ll find a meeting with a certain person will deplete all of your energy.


3. Understand the nuances of your own temperament.

Are you an introvert, shy, a Highly Sensitive Person, an empath, or a combination of them all? By understanding the nuances of your personality you can better understand (and predict) which circumstances make you feel overwhelmed, and which types of situations make you feel content.


6. Plan your approach to non-optional holiday parties.

Knowing your energy limits and energy revivers (activities that give you more energy) is important when it comes to mandatory holiday parties. If two meetings in one day leaves you feeling like a zombie then see if you can avoid booking two meetings the day of your work’s holiday party. If you’re at the work holiday party and notice your energy dipping, try stepping outside for two minutes to do one of your energy revivers. For instance, perhaps you can go to your car and meditate for two minutes. People are much less likely to notice that you’re missing for a couple minutes, if they notice at all, than to notice that you’ve been scowling for the past hour, or worse, are having a mini-meltdown because you’ve burnt out completely.

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