Solo mother rejected 52 times

Since then, Miss Stempa says she has applied for 52 rental homes across the Western Bay.

She believed her trouble finding a home may have been because she was a young Maori mother relying on government benefits.

“I feel like I’m discriminated against … I’ve had viewings in just about every suburb and not been successful.

“I’ve got two children, I’m Maori and I’m young, I think that straight away they just assume bad things about me.”

One potential landlord had told Miss Stempa he did not want to rent to her because her young children would wreck the house, she said.

“There are a lot of people in the same situation as me, young mothers and mothers in general, struggling to find housing for them and their children.

“I want people to have a little bit of heart to help mothers with children.”

Miss Stempa said she was well prepared with everything she knew she would need, including good verbal and written references, proof of income and identification.

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