Social Sector Accreditation Standards

Client-centred services – The organisation treats people with respect and delivers services in a manner that has regard for their dignity, privacy and independence.
Community wellbeing – The organisation provides services which reflect the principle that the welfare and interests of the
child or young person are first and paramount and where the wellbeing of all is upheld.
Cultural competence – The organisation provides services that are culturally appropriate to clients.
Staffing – The organisation has the staffing capability and capacity to deliver services safely.
Health and safety – The organisation ensures clients, staff and visitors are protected from risk.
Governance and management structure and systems – The organisation has a clearly defined and effective governance and management structure and systems.
Finance management and systems – The organisation is financially viable and manages its finances competently.
Resolution of complaints related to service – Resolution of complaints related to service provision
Quality improvement – The organisation aims for excellence and manages the quality and risk of services.
Client services and programmes – The organisation provides client services and/or programmes that meet clients’ assessed needs,
reflect desired outcomes and goals, and are planned, co-ordinated and reviewed.