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It’s thought that a long-term build-up of the toxic chemicals involved in smoking a cigarette can damage the brain, leading to deficits in learning and memory.

Long-term smoking has been linked with reductions in working memory, prospective memory – that used for everyday tasks such as keeping an appointment or taking medication on time – and executive function, which helps us plan tasks, pay attention to current activities, and ignore distractions. These three underpin our everyday ability to remember and learn, without which independent living would be much more difficult.

That is on top of the fact that smoking damages nearly every organ in the body. It increases the likelihood of having a stroke by 2–4 times, increases the chance of heart problems and cardiovascular diseases, reduces bone density, reduces immune function and causes inflammation in the body, and can impact the lungs in several ways. If you are a chain-smoker, or enjoy smoking often, you are probably at the risk of running into any of the aforementioned diseases. It would be best if one can diagnose and treat this disease with the help of doctors from the Cardiovascular Group or other similar others, before they are severely affected by the many risks.
To add to that, this is not an extensive list either – it merely scratches the surface of the health conditions that smoking causes. This is largely why smokers pay more for life insurance, as they are more likely to get sick as a result of smoking. By following links like https://www.lifeinsuranceshoppingreviews.com/life-insurance-company-reviews/ you can judge how expensive life insurance can be for a smoker and how to find the best deal.

So, clearly it is better for you to quit. But how? Well, there are multiple ways now that can support people in quitting smoking; whether it be Vape pod kits, nicorette patches or chewing gum, or just dropping it out of your life straight away. Some people find it easier to quit, whereas others struggle. If you fall in the category of the latter, then you might want to take a look at Vaporesso Tanks and consider using a vape.

Quitting smoking will help you to reduce the effect it has not only on your physical health, but also your mental health.

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