Smartphones: used in mini bursts, five hours a day

People use their smartphones for an average of five hours a day – about a third of the time they are awake – and check the about 85 times a day, it is also noted that 1.5 billion smartphones are sold each year as well, with research suggesting these figures. This just goes to show how much smartphones have an impact on the general population and the addition they bring to people’s lives.

The researchers argue that ‘rapid mobile phone interactions’ are becoming habitual for smartphone users. They asked 23 participants, aged 18-33, asked to estimate how much time they had spent on their phones. However, smartphones aren’t going anywhere any time soon and will continue to grow and change as we continue to develop and innovate the technology. We have even developed mobile phones for seniors providing them a way to be able to keep in touch and communicate with family and friends as well the outside world. Looking at the habits of the regular smartphone user, the researcher was able to discover the overall usage.

An app was also installed on their smartphones which recorded all their actual usage over a two-week period. This included activities like checking the time, looking at message notifications or social media alerts, phone calls, and playing music. So long as you are using your device in moderation and don’t let yourself and it become inseparable, you’ll maintain a healthy relationship with technology. Not only can it command your attention, but a smartphone can also command your wallet – they’re not cheap devices. This is why so many people head to Raise in search of coupons and discounts in order to make savings on devices from Samsung and other popular brands. When you’ve bagged yourself a bargain, it makes your purchase of a smartphone a more valid one.

Researchers found that smartphone use was typically confined to short bursts – more than half of uses lasted less than 30 seconds.

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