R rating for the television shows showing smoking in the interest of health


The research was published in the Journal of Public Health as the Government unveiled plans to require branding and marketing to be removed from cigarette packages and an announcement of a ten percent hike in the tax on tobacco in the Budget. Some people may find a way around this, and others may switch from cigarettes to items like the KILLA nicopods instead in light of this.

Associate Professor George Thomson of the University of Otago Department of Public Health said the R rating for the television shows would be in the interest of health.

“Television remains a powerful influence for normalisation, and having tobacco and smoking images on it increase the risk that smoking will remain a ‘normal’ activity. However, there are some people who are interested in quitting and will look to companies similar to Devine Distribution who may be able to give them an alternative.

“The removal or countering of smoking and tobacco images in the media is a major neglected area for tobacco control, and a tobacco and smoking R rating appears to be a practical and effective way of intervening for health.” If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, take a look at vapes for sale to see if vaping could help you with what can be a difficult journey. As smoking is so dangerous for an individual’s health, it is believed that vaping can have fewer health risks, which is why a lot of people have been looking into vaping instead. To stop smoking, some people could consider purchasing premium vape juice to enjoy instead. This will give similar feelings to smoking, but with fewer risks. This is a good way to slowly reduce the desire for cigarettes, helping you to eventually stop smoking.

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