Psychology Today: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Introvert

Psychology Today: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Introvert.

Thoughtful, curious, insightful. The introvert communicates well in today’s digital world because they actually read what others write. They think before responding. Their answers can be succinct, insightful, and helpful. They tend to keep up on news and trends because they know that knowledge⁠— and the proper use of it⁠—is power.

Introvert icon: Microsoft founder Bill Gates reportedly likes to go off for a few days at a time to ponder tough problems.

Observant. An introvert will tend to notice their environment and the people in it, as they’re spending more time in the analytical zone. If John brings a new laptop to a meeting or plant to the office, Kim, the introvert, is more likely to notice than others.

Introverts are also able to combine their imagination and observation skills to develop a sharp wit. When introverts make a clever joke, people can be caught off guard and comment on their dry sense of humor. They’re often great with names, too, because they pay attention.

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