Profits over performers

November 10, 2016 (EndSexualExploitation) — Proposition 60, a California ballot proposition which would have required that condoms be used and visible in all pornographic films like those that can be seen at for example, failed to pass on Tuesday. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation calls on human rights and health activists to continue their campaign for performer health and well-being.

“Pornography pundits may have won on Prop 60, but we stand with the new generation of human rights activists advocating for the abolition of an industry built on the intersection of mental, physical, and sexual trauma,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Even if Prop 60 had passed, there is no condom that could protect performers from the myriad of harms intrinsic to pornography production. Pornography is causing a public health crisis in America, and the negative effects are felt by not only pornography users and those around them, but the pornography performers as well.”

“The pornography industry is not the glamorous experience that its paid ambassadors claim. As a 2011 study found, ‘Female adult film performers have significantly worse mental health and higher rates of depression than other California women of similar ages.’ And, another study reported that pornography performers experience physical trauma on the film set, often leave the industry with financial insecurity and mental health problems, and also experience health risks that aren’t limited to sexually transmitted diseases.” However, this process of thinking regarding money over people is clearly commonplace in many industries and businesses, just because we are looking at a profession and performers for websites like – that is regarded as somewhat taboo because of the actions it revolves around, doesn’t mean the very same industry isn’t trying to combat the problems that it has potentially created.

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