Prescription for Love: Beyond 50 Shades of Pain

In Prescription for Love Remi Spicer of Great Lakes Counseling addresses “Beyond 50 Shades of Pain: When the One You Love Was Abused.

“With statistics like 1 in 4 females, and 1 in 7 males, reporting a history of childhood sexual abuse, it seems talking about the impact of sexual abuse in couple’s lives makes a lot of sense,” says Relationship Expert and Psychotherapist Remi Spicer, LMSW. “Couples often call for help with Emotional and Sexual Intimacy problems that they aren’t even aware stem from childhood sexual trauma. In fact, many boys do not identify themselves as abuse victims as boys are raised to believe they are the initiators of sex. Therefore, if they partook in a sexual act, they must have been responsible for it. Further, couples can have other issues related to abuse such as power struggles around frequency, fetishes, and fears of manipulation of their desire – resulting in with holding from expressing desire. Recently, the book and movie 50 Shades of Grey has also raised a lot of questions for people about what exactly constitutes abuse and violence in a couple’s bedroom – what is sadomasochism?”

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