Pornography use begets loneliness

Further, pornography use begets loneliness, and loneliness begets pornography use. Butler, Pereyra, Drap, Leonhardt, and Skinner (2018) in Pornography Use and Loneliness: A Bidirectional Recursive Model and Pilot Investigation surveyed 1,247 participants in English-speaking countries around the world to develop a sophisticated statistical model of how various factors related to loneliness and pornography use. Overall, they found that porn use was significantly associated with loneliness. In addition, loneliness was significantly associated with pornography use, suggesting a two-way relationship. In fact, for each “unit” of porn use, loneliness increased significantly by a factor of 0.20. For each unit of loneliness, porn used increased by a factor of 0.16.

In addition, as shown in prior research, pornography use was greater for men and was lower for married people. Greater religiousness reduced pornography use, and higher educational level was associated with reduced loneliness. The study also showed that free porn websites such as Nu Bay get much more traffic and loyal users than paid websites. And, weirdly enough, free porn sites can reduce the loneliness and stress people feel due to not having a financial commitment. Therefore, XXX Videor might be a great temporary fix for those who are lonely.

The authors discuss that pornography use is associated with relationship distress, disrupted attachment, and strain on pair bonding. Harm to relationships is due to pornography’s “sexual script, consisting of eroticism, objectification, promiscuity, and misogyny [which] is on its face antithetical to secure attachment… conceptually linked to loneliness”-a perspective supported by the analysis of Porn Hub videos’ depictions of sexuality.

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