PeerZone workshops start soon

PeerZone was developed in New Zealand by Mary O’Hagan and Sara McCook Weir.

“There’s a whole lot of workshops we’ll be making our way through, from coping with stress, maximising income, finding and keeping a home, well-being for young people, dealing to stigma, alcohol and drugs … so it’s a whole lot of workshops we have resources for and we can facilitate in the peer space,” says Carla.

Sharon says, “It’s for those who want to rebuild a positive story of their lives. It’s for those who have gone through and are still going through some stresses and experiencing distress. They’re actual workshops so participants or tangata whaiora actually participate in doing different activities to explore their own unwellness, and perhaps grab some tools out of that. And, like with anything, what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it.”

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