Peer Support – The Evidence

There’s a great deal of research ‘out there’ on peer-to-peer support. Unfortunately, some of it is less than ideal because it starts with a hypothesis that doesn’t represent full understanding of what peer-to-peer support is intended to be. It’s also worth noting that those that are able to do the research that establishes ‘evidence-based’ practices are often those with resources, and so many small pockets of greatness are going on that still haven’t been recognized. However, regardless of which study is better than the other or who might be getting overlooked in the research process, there is consensus across the board. Peer-to-peer support can make a difference. Below are a number of articles that may be helpful if you are looking for the research that promotes this work. For some, we have on-line links. For others, we just have the information for you to use as a guide in looking for articles yourself. We will add more links as we find them. (Have an article focused on research/evidence that you think we should add? E-mail us at

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