Otago: Peer support network was being “progressed” as “a priority”.


However, director of allied health, mental health, addictions and intellectual disability, at the Southern District Health Board, Adell Cox, last week said developing the peer support network was being “progressed” as “a priority”.

“It is seen as something that is going to happen.”

Ms Cox said the idea was the peer support workforce employed people with “lived experience” who would provide individualised support for people experiencing mental illness.

“There’s good research showing that that really does help people in their recovery.”

A peer support worker might, for instance, accompany someone with mental health issues as they faced the “challenges” of dealing with aspects of the mental health system.

Ms Cox said peer support would be offered through non-governmental organisations or community service providers. Funding opportunities were being “explored” for “ongoing implementation”.

“This is part of a strategic plan. It is a 

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