OCD is far from just a personality quirk

While obsessions and compulsions about orderliness and cleanliness are common in OCD, there are many other ways people can experience OCD, and the reason is more consequential than just liking things neat and tidy. Some people are actively seeking freedom from ocd, whilst others are learning to live with it. People with OCD might arrange, clean or check things for fear that something bad will happen if they don’t. For example, they might worry that if they don’t arrange things in a certain way, someone in their family will become ill, or if they touch certain things they will contract a disease and potentially spread it to others. Other common themes include fears about harming others (the fear that you have run over someone in a car and returning repeatedly to the location to check), or engaging in acts of self-harm that are incredibly distressing (avoiding balconies due to a fear that you will jump off them).

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