NZ Bus drive harassed French student

NZ Bus has apologised after one of its drivers made inappropriate sexual comments to a teenage girl visiting from France.

The 16-year-old had come to New Zealand to escape the horrors of witnessing the Bataclan terror attack in Paris only to be harassed by the driver, her friend Andrew Parsons said.

Parsons was hosting the young exchange student when she bussed from St Heliers to Orakei about 8.30pm one night.

The girl said the bus driver asked if she had a boyfriend and went on to tell her that foreign students were easy.

“It went on for most of the trip. My student said she had two choices – either get off the bus in the dark or tough it out,” Parsons said.

The girl’s phone battery was flat and she was in a foreign country so she endured the abuse.
Parsons wrote to NZ Bus and also contacted its owner Infratil.

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