Collectively, the seven Presbyterian Support organisations are one of the largest providers of a range of social services in New Zealand. We work with older people, people with disabilities, families at risk, children and young people. Services we provide include residential care, home care, community care and support, day/activity programmes,Continue Reading

“Victims No Longer: Men recovery from incest and other sexual abuse” by Mike LEW. Library ref; 362.89 LEW. A classic self help book dealing with male survivor issues, one of the first written in this field. “Abused Boys: The neglected victims of sexual abuse” by Mic HUNTER. ref; 362.89 HUN.Continue Reading

Fewer working hours could improve wellbeing & economy according to experts. We ask charities what they think — Guardian Voluntary (@GdnVoluntary) July 17, 2014 Anna Coote, Nef’s head of social policy, believes that if larger charities moved to four day weeks they would be rewarded with “a more roundedContinue Reading

Today’s blog: The success of Portugal’s decriminalisation policy – in seven charts — TransformDrugPolicy (@TransformDrugs) July 15, 2014 2. Despite virtually eliminating all punishments for personal drug possession, rates of drug use haven’t skyrocketed like some predicted. As this chart shows, use had gone up slightly when measuredContinue Reading

These bloodsuckers are more than just an annoyance. The ticks can carry Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. The first symptoms are typically mild—a rash that looks like a bull’s-eye, followed by fever, headaches and fatigue. But, if left untreated, the disease can cause temporary facial paralysis, shootingContinue Reading

The prevalence of pedophilia in the general population is not known,[30][63] but is estimated to be lower than 5% among adult men.[30] “Most sexual offenders against children are male, although female offenders may account for 0.4% to 4% of convicted sexual offenders. On the basis of a range of publishedContinue Reading