A change in law in New York has allowed for the filing of more than 9,000 child abuse claims – including cases against Prince Andrew, Bob Dylan and high-profile Catholic priests – previously blocked by the state’s statute of limitations.Tom Andriola was 25, standing on the edge of Bryce CanyonContinue Reading

The news comes as Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced billionaire media tycoon Robert Maxwell, prepares to face trial in November on charges including sex trafficking and involvement in the abuse of underage girls. The former associate of Epstein’s has been accused of luring teen girls for the late businessman overContinue Reading

We procrastinate tasks that stir emotions for us, whether boredom, anxiety, resentment, overwhelm, or guilt and shame. People think they need better self-control to get things done when they’re having these emotions. That’s not the answer. People who are good at being disciplined are so because they approach tasks that inherently require less self-control. How? The bestContinue Reading

We remember things longer if we take breaks during learning, referred to as the spacing effect. Scientists gained deeper insight into the neuronal basis for this phenomenon in mice. With longer intervals between learning repetitions, mice reuse more of the same neurons as before — instead of activating different ones.Continue Reading