A journey to connect, talk, meet, receive support and inspire other male survivors. I know the cold, inky depths of silence. I shut down and isolated from the world after it happened to me. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2023/04/guest-column-hero-journey-male-rape-survivors-iu-sexual-assault-awareness-monthContinue Reading

Research on female sexual assault dominates research on adult sexual violence (Turchik & Edwards, 2012). This is understandable given most survivors of sexual assault are women. In contrast, research on male survivors of sexual assault (hereafter ‘male rape’) has been considerably less common (Javaid, 2018; Turchik & Edwards, 2012). ThisContinue Reading

Whatever your story, the important thing is to speak up and share. horror, secrecy and shame, but it’s also tempered with hope, insight and healing. https://theconversation.com/one-third-of-childhood-sexual-abuse-is-perpetrated-by-another-child-shannon-molloy-tells-his-story-and-urges-us-not-to-look-away-199203Continue Reading

Research done right here in Aotearoa Based on information drawn from the long-running Dunedin Study, which has followed the lives of around 1,000 people since they were born in the early 1970s, our research confirms the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse and the lifelong challenges survivors might face. https://theconversation.com/people-who-experience-childhood-sexual-abuse-tell-us-it-affects-their-entire-life-and-research-backs-them-up-195452Continue Reading

There is hope and healing can be done One way to change the “orientation” of our brains away from trauma is to have new experiences that directly contradict the negative experiences it previously seemed to cling to https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/saturday/audio/2018880402/dr-bessel-van-der-kolk-how-to-heal-traumaContinue Reading