New Zealand’s most sadistic sex offenders to be released

The psychologist reported that van der Plaat’s ageing, possible cognitive decline and lack of insight regarding his risk made relapse prevention planning difficult.

“The psychological report says that the most likely target for Mr van der Plaat will be vulnerable solo mothers, most likely non-European immigrants, and that he will groom their trust through offering financial, material, practical and emotional support.

“Future victims are likely to be their female children with Mr van der Plaat assuming some form of caregiver role.”

His old age was also unlikely to be a deterrent.

“The psychologist can only conclude that Mr van der Plaat’s increasing physical frailty…is likely to mitigate his risk of sexual recidivism “over time”. There is no evidence before the Board that we are at that point at this time.”

The Community Probation Service believed Van der Plaat remained an undue risk to the community, with the Board raising concerns about his proposed release plan.

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