Nelson Judge Not Blind To Medical Cannabis

A judge has said he’s “not blind to the debate” around medicinal cannabis in New Zealand during the sentencing of a man who used the drug to help him cope with Crohn’s disease. This could mean in the future New Zealanders could join some countries with the ability to buy weed online.

Peter John Crimp, 40, appeared in the Nelson District Court on Monday charged with possession of cannabis and a cannabis pipe.

The court heard that Crimp was driving on the Moutere Highway in the Redwood Valley about 7:50pm on September 19 when he was stopped by police.

While speaking to police, the officer noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle.

Police searched Crimp and his vehicle and found a small tin containing two grams of cannabis in his pocket and a small pipe.

Crimp admitted the pipe which he’d purchased from Grasscity, was used for smoking cannabis and told police he used it to self-medicate. If you use medical marijuana for self medication and it is legal in your state, then you should carry a medical marijuana card with you at all times, in case you are stopped by the police. But if you just use it for no reason, then any employee you work for has the right to use methods such as the 6 panel drug test to help detect the presence of marijuana.

Defence lawyer Rob Ord said Crimp has Crohn’s disease and used cannabis for pain relief. This is something that many buy marijuana concentrates online for, as such pains and aches can be crippling for day to day life.

“This man’s lost most of his intestines,” he said.

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