Multiple personality disorder

What is a multiple personality disorder? With a quick search, you could end up with a bunch of explanations. Some of those explanations sound really far out, whereas others are more clinical. Most of the definitions and explanations you’ll find for dissociative identity disorder, which is what it’s currently known as, make it seem more like pop-psychology. While we can all understand people wanting to paint it in a more positive light, sometimes the definition and the characterization of dissociative identity disorder can minimize the issue and make things appear less problematic than they really are.

In fact, multiple personality disorder is a chronic, long-term disorder. The point of discussing the neurobiology of personality disorders is to help you see that personality cannot be changed. It has to do with the way the brain developed; it’s genetic. Personality is something you cannot change. It’s pervasive, it’s chronic, it’s long-term. It’s not a mental illness. When you think of multiple personality disorder think of it as a personality, a variety of different personalities, in a single body. It’s something that you can’t medicate.

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