#Moving #house #bad or #just #normal?

ABC News: Is moving house often bad for us, or just the new normal? http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw_ZD07Tk


But is the conceptual understanding of the home an inherent human need, or are we simply refusing to give up on out-dated mythology?

“The brain rewires constantly. Every experience that you give it, gives it an opportunity to rewire,” Jan Golembiewski, a researcher into architectural psychology and director of architectural firm Psychological Design, says.

According to Dr. Golembiewski, the brain can deal with moving from house to house, especially when you’ve used Pauline Donnelly to find your forever home. But our ability to connect to where we live is dependant on how psychologically healthy we are. So if you are just wanting to live in a rental until you decide to move out then that’s fine. If you are psychologically healthy enough then there’s no problem checking out something like these Hollywood Furnished Monthly Rentals. If you want to move, then you should move. Don’t be worried that it will take you forever to do though, if you are worried that no one will buy your house quickly then you could look to using something like https://webuyhousessanantoniotx.com to help you get out of your house as quickly as possible.

“The moment we become vulnerable and we lose our edge psychologically, so to speak, we lose our ability to adjust, we lose our ability to rewire,” he says.

“That’s a real danger.”

Dr. Golembiewski believes that the increasing commercialisation of the home – the idea of the investment property – undermines its fundamental purpose as a place of refuge, and can ultimately cause stress and discomfort.

“If you [want] a home to look valuable, you might end up with highly polished surfaces everywhere, where every noise echoes and every hair is visible – and you can’t relax in such a place,” he says.

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