Misogyny – the undoing of politicians


After a campaign dominated by behavior so boorish that Trump bragged he could literally get away with murder, the orange-haired brand licensor has finally gone too far. He has embarrassed his supposed party with a nonsense stance on abortion, initially stating that women should be punished. He’s kept his campaign manager on staff after an assault that left a female reporter with bruises. And he’s engaged in a disgusting wife-off with Ted Cruz.

This has to be the beginning of the end, the driving of the stake into a powerful and decisive general election narrative: Donald Trump hates women. It’s a narrative that can’t be undone, walked back or overtaken by uttering yet another more shocking statement meant to distract from the last. And women hate him right back.

So much damage has been done that nothing else will really matter if this basic fact holds: almost three-quarters of women voters dislike Trump. And if they don’t like him, they probably won’t vote for him, meaning there’s no mathematical path by which he could be a victorious candidate even if he manages to get the nomination. Being repellent to women is losing strategy: more women vote than men, to the tune of an estimated four to seven million more votes than men in recent elections.

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