@mindfuleveryday Excerpt on Mindfulness Reposting Sharon Bull


Looking back I realise I was one of countless people living with stress, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, addiction and pain. I was trudging through life on autopilot without realising the harm I was doing to myself, simply from my negative thoughts and feelings. Without realising it, I had become yet another individual who had fallen into the trap of striving to emulate the perfect lifestyles tantalisingly portrayed in magazines, adverts and other media.

It was mindfulness that transformed my thinking and ultimately turned my life around, helping to cure both my depression and addictive behaviour. With perseverance and continued practise, I began to notice profoundly positive changes in my life. Above all else, I realised that, though my experience had been tough in so many ways, it was ultimately a gift. Because my experience brought me to the point where I realised that the life I was living was unsustainable and had to change.

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