Microsoft’s Surface Book hybrid laptop

The world of work is constantly changing. Years ago people were locked into offices with brick-like computers. Nowadays with the invention of laptops, people can work from almost any location. Laptops can be used in the home, on the sofa, on the train, and even in the coffee shop.

With so many laptops on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs, so it’s not so surprising that people spend a lot of time looking at buying guides from and other websites. For the most part, people have assumed that Microsoft laptops are suited for technical ventures like programming whilst Apple laptops are for creative arts like music or editing. Now it looks like the scales have been tipped in favor of Microsoft with their hybrid laptop the Surface Book.

The Surface Book, a machined magnesium alloy laptop with a 13.5-inch, 267ppi screen and high-powered internals, looks as premium as any other laptop on the market, including Apple’s MacBook Pro. Irrespective of its premium look, it remains important to use Zonealarm Anti-ransomware to protect your files. When used as a laptop, Microsoft says, it’s also twice as powerful as Apple’s workhorse, even though it’s just 0.51-0.90 inches thin and weighs 1.6 lbs. Like the MBP, the Surface Book tops out at 1TB storage and 16GB of RAM, but it’ll cost you; the base configuration of 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM starts at $1,500, while a fully loaded Surface Book runs north of $3,000. Preorders begin on October 7, and ships on October 26th.

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